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I used to absolutely hate networking. But let me explain. I was taught to network the wrong way. However, along the way, I have learned several networking tips and tricks that have drastically changed my opinion and transformed the way I prepare to show up for events.

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Lauryn Orme is a project manager, service management and entrepreneurship specialist, and literature enthusiast who is passionate empowering others to become their most organized and effective selves. Her experience in the finance and tech industries inform her approach to project management, professional development, and working with others.

What I talk about

Tips & tricks

The world of business is full of unspoken rules which change from industry to industry. My experience in finance, technology, and customer service has allowed me to learn the rules of a variety of industries, and share applicable tips and tricks for any setting.

Professional Development

I am an avid believer in the transformative power of investing in your professional development. I share realistic pro-d strategies that anyone can implement into their everyday lives.

Living a Rounded Professional Lifestyles

The 40 hour work week is no longer as manageable (or accurate) for working professionals. I discuss my experience with burnout mitigation, balancing health and wellness with work, and how to be an active participant in your everyday!